The Oligo Basics

Oligo Basics Ind. e Com. de Ração Ltda. was founded in 1999 in Castro, state of Paraná, Brazil, having initially as served both the animal feed and feed additives areas. During the last few years, the company has focused on the feed additive area which currently concentrates all of its sales.

In March 2005, Oligo Basics moved to Cascavel, state of Paraná, where it inaugurated a new manufacturing facility specializing in feed acidifiers and in the utilization of different kinds of functional oils for animal nutrition. Due to the positive results of its products in the domestic and international market, the company expanded manufacturing.s
Currently, Oligo Basics is a world reference in functional oils production for animal nutrition and will continue to invest heavily in research, quality, application and development of functional oils. This way, Oligo Basics looks forward to continuing to serve the needs and requirements of the animal production world market.


  • Create, develop and produce for the domestic and international markets, serving our customer needs, with profitability, social and environmental responsibility. To contribute to the development of Brazil and the countries where Oligo Basics sells its products”.


    “To become the global leader in the manufacturing of functional additives by 2020”.


    To create a healthy work environment that will lead to a committed, enthusiast, persistent, respectful, transparent and cooperative company”.

Quality Policy

We are committed to serve our customers by promoting continuous improvement. Ensuring the quality and food safety of our products, following domestic and international regulatory frameworks, and controlling the manufacturing processes”.

Quality Control

"Oligo Basics uses  Monochromator pre-dispersive thecnology (NIRS 2500) which guarantees a high level of versatility and stability in all spectral range of 400-2500 nm."