Functional Oils have been defined as those oils which have activities beyond its energy content. These activities depend on the type of oil, ranging from anti-oxidant to anti-microbial to anti-inflammatory. Functional Oils offer many benefits such as lack of toxicity or environmental friendliness. These oils have been used during thousands of years with success, but currently modern science has proven its efficacy.

Essential combines the two functional oils found in castor oil and cashew nut shell oil, and has known active compounds that are guaranteed.

Functional oils are those oils with activities that go beyond their basic energy content.  Depending on the specific functional oil, these added activities range from antioxidant to antimicrobial to anti-inflammatory. Used successfully for thousands of years, functional oils lack toxicity, are environmental friendly and have scientifically provable efficacy.

All batches of Essential are analyzed by NIRS technology.

Soluble Essential

Water soluble liquid form of Essential.